Pilates will dramtically transform the way your body looks, feels and performs by helping you build strength without excess bulk, creating a sleek and perfectly toned body. Pilates also improves your flexibility, agility and range of motion, helping you feel and move better.

Beginner Pilates

Start your Pilates journey with our classes that are designed to help you master the fundamentals and develop a strong foundation for a lifetime of fitness.

Mondays 12pm

Tuesdays 11am

Wednesdays 7:30am

Thursdays 12pm

Group Pilates

Join our small and individualized classes led by a certified Pilates instructor who uses both technique and apparatus to lengthen the body, align the spine and improve deep core strength.

Tuesdays 9am

Tuesdays 3pm

Thursdays 10am

Thursdays 11am

Private Session

Take your fitness to the next level without having to worry about making it to class on time. Create your own fitness class and schedule while getting the highest level of personalized coaching and support.

Not sure what class is right for you?

Schedule a free consultation with one of our fitness instructors and we'll help you find the instructor and class that will help you reach your goals.

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