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“I would highly recommend classes at Lifesport. They truly have well rounded classes that covers strengthening, core and cardio in addition to warm up and stretching. John is an amazing coach who focuses very closely on form and also gives personalized attention even in a group setting. Not to mention his friendly fun loving nature makes this class hard to miss! I feel strong and energized since taking this class additionally helping my tennis conditioning and fitness. Highly recommend it!!”


"Classes have helped me to eliminate pain and gain strength in my shoulder and one of my knees. I am now pain free and my shoulder is strong enough to exercise with weights. Thank you LifeSport for designing classes that truly make my wife and my lives better!"


"I have been an active member for almost two years and look forward to the tests of new exercises offered each week. I feel better than I have in years- stronger, better range of motion and elimination of a sore back and shoulder.The classes are enjoyable, challenging at times and fun and the trainer takes a personal interest in each of us and from my point of view is the best!!!"


"I have found that participating in classes provides the individualized support needed to help me to achieve and maintain my weight and exercise goals. The trainer always finds a way to adjust the planned routine to bypass my physical limitations while still achieving the same end results as others attending the class. He acts not only as a coach but a friend there to support every one who attends the class."


"Senior classes at Life Sport are terrific! Work on balance, strength and cardio are led by a truly awesome trainer."


"After exploring other fitness centers in the area, I joined the LifeSport. It was the right choice! The trainer is a highly skilled and dedicated trainer/instructor who provides quality workout routines that are motivating, challenging, and most importantly, lead to results! He is quick to individualize and modify as needed to ensure that each class member derives the maximum benefit of each workout."


"I have been going to LifeSport in Libertyville for approximately 2 years. I enjoy the Silver Sneakers classes. I find the instructor especially motivating. He is helpful and supportive and wants the best for his clients. He takes an interest in getting to know each and every person. He shows us how to modify our workouts if physically necessary. We have fun and kid around with each other. It is a very pleasant experience to enjoy a workout and spend time with nice people.
The staff is friendly and accommodating as well. LifeSport may not be the biggest health club, but it surely is one of the nicest."


"I’ve been training at LifeSport for over 1.5 years. I'm 67-years old and thanks to LifeSport, I’m feeling (and told I am looking) like I am 37! There is no doubt in my mind that this would be possible if I wasn't training at LifeSport. I am challenged and motivated to do things outside my comfort zone to increase my stability and strength, always being mindful to adjust for permanent injuries that we may have, which in my case are my knees. John goes beyond being a trainer – he is an excellent teacher, caring coach and has brought our workout group together as a family. As long as our trainer is leading our workout – I’m committed and always excited to attend!"


"If you want your workout to be the best part of your day......take a Functional Training class. The workouts are varied, use all your muscle groups, and are fast paced.
Everyone is successful and gets stronger every session!"


"Our children have participated in many sports, through club teams and school. We have been especially happy with the program at Lifesport. Both our girls have been challenged to always improve and move up to a new level when they show signs of progress. The atmosphere is always positive and encouraging."


"2-1/2 years ago we enrolled our son and daughter in tennis classes with the hopes of maybe playing on their High School Tennis Team. With the help of extraordinary coaching, our son is now highly ranked in the Midwest in his age division and aspires to play collegiate tennis. The coaches truly make it fun, and as a result, our son and daughter now love to play tennis all the time."


“Friendly knowledgeable staff. I've met so many nice people at LifeSport Tennis Club in Racine. We are lucky to have this gem in our community!”



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